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Saturday, 14 April 2007


sarah louise

The weather...who can tell? BUT I LOVE that dress!!


I think it's global warming but a lot of people think I'm nuts for that. Sitting here watching torrential rain pouring down and flooded streets, I think this weather is scary.
Please come home Spring - I miss you.


I know. The weather is driving us crazy too. Snow this morning. I always love the dresses you have. So pretty.



Ahh..where do you live? I used to live in Colorado and the weather would literally change every 10 minutes. CRAZY!!



Sounds like Melbourne. Sunny and hot one minute, cold and gusty the next.

Love those photos. As per usual.


I say it's global cooling but nobody believes me.



Abby's Dress is just tooooo adorable. You are amazing.

Janice're killing me with these little peasant dresses and pinafores! I fell in love with the one they posted on SewMamaSew and can't stop thinking about it, lol! I'm no pattern maker though
:( Do you do custom orders for these?


I could go into a big rant (who? me?) about global warming and what goofs we are for continuing to do this to ourselves... but I won't! Not in your comments section anyway! LOL!

Love the outfit! :)

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