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Wednesday, 16 July 2008



there is something about this pic that harks back to an older time for me. i love it.

what's wrong with living out of boxes for the next...few years. good luck!!!


you are so missing a little bit of classic virgo - i'll be your reinforcements though!


Hey girl :) We moved last week, ourselves, but I'm the opposite, I had to get it all unpacked immediately, otherwise my brain feels foggy & cluttered!


That is a skill.


you gotta think of it like Christmas or a birthday- all those boxes hold surprises in them just waiting to be torn open!

hope you hanging in their with the move.


I sympathize. One box a day is what I've been telling myself...

Vanessa Voss

hello, I've been visiting your blog for the past month and adore it and all of your photos. I like this months self portrait challenge.
I actually think packing boxes is harder than unpacking. The unpacking is actually fun to me, the deciding where I'm going to place things. But the packing? You've got skill ;)

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