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Tuesday, 05 August 2008


Sandra ~ My Inspired Heart

great shot as always....and I love the quote :)


I like the crop and angle of this.


love the perspective in this with you angling down for it. yep. and a wonderful quote too.


I like it . . it's very dark and kind of . . . anguished. And the white stripe on the side makes a wonderful contrast, like hope coming toward you out of the hallway to the left.

Hope you're all well! You are missed! Say hi to Mr. B for me and tell him that thanks to him I don't have to take math in college! :D


I love stopping by to see your self-portrait challenge photos. I think this is a lovely photo of you. You look so beautiful, yet down-to-earth and approachable. I don't think I usually comment, but something about this photo made me feel like leaving a message rather than just lurking. Thanks for sharing your photos; they are always so awesome and inspirational.

Heather Bradley

love the quote and your banner shines too!
peace, heather


I keep dropping in on your lovely blog because you have the most interesting pictures. this one of you is dead gorgeous. I keep thinking Hollywood starlet!


There is something Mona-Lisa-inscrutable-like going on here...



anne used to tell the story about her brother, when he had a big report to do on birds in north america. and of course he waited to the last day or two to get started on it. ... He felt paralyzed with the enormity of what lay before him.

So his father took him aside and gave him some advice:

"Just take it bird by bird ..."

(and yes, it wound up as the title to her book on writing.)

pretty good advice, no?

Daisy Cottage




I just love this portrait!!!

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